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Recent work

The birds in the garden were the inspiration for me as i was caring for my mum after she came home after being in hospital for 3 months and at last we were able to be together and i would work on the table in her lounge so i could keep an eye on her…. the birds just kept on coming…. after losing my husband Elvet i was using painting as my therapy and birds seemed a strong theme especially doves….after my mum died i found it difficult to paint for a while but found inspiration on antiques roadshow after an artist had painted on a table and i thought this was a good idea! so now i have a room full of painted tables! i will be selling them from my studio later this year when i have the house sorted!  

I hold the Copyright to all of my work on this site.


Pembrokeshire landscapes


Abstract work

My abstract work is mainly in series , and a mixture of watercolour, acrylic and collage.inspired by my love of aboriginal art i have recently started doing collages using recycled bottle tops and buttons….

Visual Diary “My journey through cancer”

These are just some of the paintings i did from when i was first diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2012, from the first day i managed to paint every day and eventually did 115,  mostly watercolours in a visual diary format after being given a diary to make a note of what was happening. I felt i had to paint my way through and mostly painted objects around me, and as it was Christmas this was a difficult time.They are all numbered in order. I am now still painting and all is well, and I enjoy the little things in life….for the first year from every sale i donated £20 towards cancer research charity, and raised £250.00 by xmas 2013. I have a power point selection of my diary available for talks which i am available to give within this area of north Pembrokeshire…..

I was selected to be part of ‘The Breast cancer art project ‘ and 2 paintings from my visual diary were included in an exhibition which was held in the university of Puerto Rico in October 2018…….

Clay work

these are my clay models done recently , i hope to do more soon, based on my figures that appear in my paintings, they are all now on exhibition at the Waterfront gallery, Milford Haven.

Portraits, self-portraits and Figures

Portraits of local characters and friends and family, in a mixture of media.

Step by step painting

These are step by step photos of my painting of the local collared doves living in tree in garden, painted in october 2020  oil on board

2022 i am now filming step by step some of my paintings and putting them on short reels for Facebook , you tube and Tiktok, this is  new venture and very challenging but enjoyable at the same time



Old Buildings and Carregs.

These are a few of my paintings of old stones ,buildings and local churches and chapels which i love to paint.

My patchwork wallhangings

These quilts were designed and made by myself in the 80s when I lived in Cowbridge and had a studio workshop, from 1985 to 1990, I hope to update and improve the photographs. I do not make them now, and are the inspiration for my mosaic type paintings ad collages…..

Still life

Collage, tables and other projects

Some of my recent collages from recycled bottle tops and buttons.. a new idea which is growing and very enjoyable…i am really enjoying collage at the moment and is very therapeutic in lockdown…i have also been recycling small tables and using a layer of resin over paintings on wooden tabletops….more to come soon ……

My logo design for Ysgol Glannau Gwaun school was chosen for the new school, and is incorporated in the flooring at the school entrance and then the design was carved into a piece of bluestone.The design was also embroidered onto the children’s uniform.